The winner and distributor who has the international quality standard and image in the social organization organization activities that closely follow and implement the technological developments, creates the continuous originality to the product development, follows the contemporary human resources policy and aims to integrate with the employees, customers and suppliers. And retailer, to contribute to the economy of the country with a structure of the company with a leading position in the country to maintain a leading company in the world furniture and accessories sector.

  • Grow
  • To grow in the world, to increase production and sales figures by maintaining the leading position in Turkey in the furniture and accessories segment
  • Increasing brand awareness in the furniture and accessories segment
  • Being a Brand
  • awareness
  • Creating a strong sense of value proposition
  • Siting Corporate Governance Standards
  • Completion of institutionalization projects
  • Being competitive
  • Becoming one of the main players in target markets
  • High market share
  • Being taken seriously by the competition
  • To have a culture that supports innovation
  • Product development and customer innovation, product portfolio development
  • Customer Focus
  • Customer-focused structuring
  • High customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Objectives have been set forth for all stakeholders in the statement of mission shaped to embody the vision. Reviews
    • It is also determined which values ​​can be reached with the vision embodied by the mission statement.

    • Responding to consumer expectations from all walks of life by keeping customer satisfaction on the front panel
    • Meeting these expectations; Furniture, seating groups, decorative objects, biblolars, wall clocks, wall clocks, wall clocks, etc., without compromising on quality with the modern technology used, providing comforts that are compatible with the quality prices, comfortable, comfortable, aesthetic and functional, Vases, tables, decorative mirrors, frames, decorative boxes, newspapers, screens, screens, decorative pouffes, illuminations, complementary products, berjer, kırlent, garden furniture, garden accessories etc. Produce, present and provide all kinds of pre-sales and after-sales services related to these products
    • Providing quality products and services that exceed customer expectations by adopting the principle of continuous improvement
    • Ensuring competitive advantage based on our current values
    • Adopt and implement modern management systems

    • Accurately follow laws and legal regulations
    • To acquire business ethics principles
    • That depends on transparency principles
    • To value man and man
    • Work hard